Following a flood warning which was issued earlier today, several streets in Dumbarton have been drenched in water. 

Roads running alongside the River Leven at Quay Pend have been turned into their own rivers this afternoon as the country has been battered by torrential rain.

And one brave customer at The Waterside Inn on Riverside Lane was caught on camera running through the flooded streets to try and save his car which was surrounded by water. 

A spokesperson for the pub shared the video on Facebook writing: "When you pop in for a couple of juices and hear your car is stuck in the flood down the quay."

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The pub's duty manager, who filmed the customer, told the Reporter that he left his shoes and socks in the bar to run through the sodden streets. 

A flood warning was issued earlier today for Dumbarton by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA).

SEPA’s website says there is a risk of tidal flooding to car parks and footpaths opposite Quay Pend during high tide this afternoon, at around 2.45pm.