There is no version of Brexit that won’t have a negative impact on Dumbarton and the Vale, warns a new report.

Leaving the European Union (EU) is currently set to happen on March 29.

After that date, concerns have been raised over it potentially affecting staffing levels, services and goods, as well as the future of programmes which currently receive funding from the EU.

A report to the Community Planning West Dunbartonshire (CPWD) management board admits there is still uncertainty over the impact of Brexit, but that it expects the long-term risk to be economically bad.

The report states: “The Scottish Government is working with public bodies to prepare information on Brexit readiness, based on the increasing likelihood that the UK may exit the EU without any transition arrangements and/or certainty about future arrangements.

“All partners involved in Community Planning West Dunbartonshire (CPWD) will be preparing a position based on their current understanding of the potential risks and implications to their agencies, and the partnership, of such a scenario.

“While the facts and mechanism for Brexit remain unclear and the implications vary depending on the severity of exit/details of any deal/length of any transition period etc, there are no scenarios that do not have adverse implications for service delivery and therefore outcomes in West Dunbartonshire and wider.”

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The report adds: “At this stage, it is unclear what exact impacts might arise from different forms of Brexit and what, if anything CPWD might reasonably be expected to do in mitigation.

“The greatest long-term risk to West Dunbartonshire comes from the long-term economic impact.”

Dumbarton MSP Jackie Baillie said: “It would be catastrophic for West Dunbartonshire, like so many communities up and down the country, if Britain leaves the EU without a deal.

“EU funding and legislation has become such a common and embedded part of our everyday lives that we are yet to understand the extent of the negative implications of removing ourselves from such a powerful union.

“The priority of Westminster as they continue negotiating should be to protect our economy as we enter this period of intense uncertainty.

“Remaining part of the EU is undoubtedly the best way to protect our economy, jobs and workers’ rights.”

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Labour Councillor David McBride added: “There is no good outcome for any Brexit arrangements, but no deal is a disaster for everyone.

“West Dunbartonshire, as an area of deprivation, will be hit amongst the hardest because as always, those most in need suffer when Tory politicians are in control.

“The Tories should hang their head in shame at the uncertainty and damage they have caused our country.

“Not only was this disastrous decision to hold a referendum an attempt to heal serious divisions with right wing extremists in the Tories, the government has made a complete mess of the negotiations.

“Its time for the public to get another vote to get us out of this Tory mess.”