The First Minister has vowed that investigations will continue into out what caused the recent case of Hepatitis A at an Alexandria primary school.

Pupils and staff at St Mary’s Primary were vaccinated against the virus at the end of last month as a precaution after one pupil fell ill.

Local Tory MSP Maurice Corry asked Nicola Sturgeon what reassurance she can give that measures will now be put in place to investigate fully and prevent similar outbreaks from happening again.

Speaking in parliament, the member for West of Scotland, said: “The First Minister may be aware of the recent outbreak of Hepatitis A at St Mary’s Primary School in my region, resulting in staff and pupils having to be vaccinated.

“The source of the outbreak is currently unknown so what assurances can the First Minister give that measures will be taken to fully investigate this and prevent it from happening again.”

Ms Sturgeon replied: “Again, that is an important and serious issue to raise.

“Vaccination has been undertaken and is either ongoing or completed, but that is an important step that has been taken.

“Obviously, investigations will continue to try to identify the source of the outbreak.

“Health ministers will be more than prepared to keep the member, and other members who have an interest in the issue, updated as more information becomes available.”

Mr Corry has also written to health secretary Jeane Freeman, the chief executive of West Dunbartonshire Council, Joyce White, as well as the health board to request that the nursery children and siblings of pupils at the school are also vaccinated. He is also calling for a deep clean of the school.

A spokeswoman for West Dunbartonshire Council, said: “Pupils at St Mary’s Primary Alexandria were offered the Hepatitis A vaccination, as a precaution and on the advice of the Public Health Department.”

A spokeswoman for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, said: “Our consultants are experts in accessing risk to the public when certain diseases and conditions are found.

“Our assessment was that the risk to the pupils and staff in the primary school is low and the risk to the nursery school is even lower.”