On Tuesday, March 31, 2009 we reported that...

TWO kind-hearted parents did not ask for presents for their daughter’s first birthday — but donated hundreds of pounds to a children's hospital instead.

The parents of bubbly one-year-old Paige Alex Cairns decided that because their daughter has so many toys there was no point in her buying even more.

Both mum Kirsty Miller and dad Greig Cairns were more concerned about Paige having a fun first birthday party and wanted to see as much cash raised as possible so that it could go to help children less fortunate than their daughter.

They both made a strict no present rule for the party, which was a teddy bear’s picnic, and raised a fantastic £545 for Yorkhill Children’s Foundation.

Kirsty, 25, from Bonhill, told the Reporter: “At the end of the day, what one-year-old remembers what presents they received?

"Whereas this money will make a huge difference to the children it goes to.

“We have already had letters from some of the families at the hospital who have benefited and it makes you feel that the money is going to a fantastic cause.

"My daughter is a very lucky wee girl but there are so many children who are not, so hopefully this money makes a real difference.”

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All of Paige’s friends and family went along to St Martin’s Church hall in Renton for the celebrations, which included games, best dressed teddy, face painting, a teddy bear parade and a raffle for the adults.

"Most of the guests put donations into cards while the rest of the money was raised after one of Kirsty’s friends held a charity night and donated the cash to the cause.

Greig, 33, and Kirsty have been blown away by the generosity of everyone who came along to join in the fun.

Kirsty added: “Everyone has been so generous and we are so thankful — some even sneaked in a small present for Paige as well.

“Despite Paige not getting any presents the most important thing was that we have so many great memories from the day, lots of pictures and everyone enjoyed themselves.

“It was a proper day out and the kids had a ball.”

Joan Macleod, fundraising manager for Yorkhill Children’s Foundation, said: “We are extremely grateful to the family for their support in this way.

“With this money we are able to provide all the extra services and pieces of equipment which make a stay in hospital less distressing for children.

“Happy birthday Paige and many thanks.”