A VALE woman who attacked a civilian member of staff at a police station, and stole candles and booze from two different supermarkets, has been jailed for more than a year.

Stacey McLean, 35, nicked the candles from the Asda store in Dumbarton on January 6, and stole a quantity of alcohol from the Co-op in Balloch on February 5.

In between those incidents, she also head-butted a member of police civilian staff as she was being taken from a police cell to a custody van on January 15.

McLean, of Davidson Road in Alexandria, was sentenced at Dumbarton Sheriff Court on Friday for all three incidents – and also for a charge of failing to appear at the same court in December in connection with a separate case.

Sarah Healing, prosecuting, told Friday’s hearing that the candles, worth £22.10, and the alcohol, which had a value of £180, had all been recovered.

Turning to the assault incident, Ms Healing told the court: “The complainer was working as a police custody and security officer at Clydebank police office, and attended the accused’s cell at around 7.35am on January 15.

“She repeatedly asked the accused to get dressed in order that she could be conveyed to court.

“The complainer summoned assistance from two police officers.

“As she was being removed she turned round and headbutted the complainer.”

Brian McGuire, McLean’s solicitor, said: “She hasn’t had her difficulties to seek in life. She has had alcohol and drug difficulties over the years, but there has been a distinct slowing in her offending in recent years.

“She was drug-free, but amongst other difficulties her father died, and she went off the rails and returned to drugs and alcohol.

“She has volunteered to me that she feels she’s ‘too old for the jail’.”

Sheriff Simon Pender told McLean: “Over the years many attempts have been made to divert you from offending.

“Despite your current situation you have indicated you will not accept a drug treatment and testing order.”

McLean was handed consecutive three-month sentences for the two thefts and the assault, and an additional four months for the failure to appear.

The total 13-month prison term was backdated to February 11.