THE heartbroken family of an Alexandria woman who vanished from her Spanish home in 2015 have said they hope she is reunited in heaven with her mum, who died earlier this year.

Lisa Brown disappeared from her home in Guadiaro near Gibraltar in November 2015.

The alarm was raised after the 32-year-old failed to collect her son Marco, then 11, from school.

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A homicide investigation was due to be re-opened with Lisa's ex-boyfriend named as a suspect in her death.

Now, her family have confirmed they've paused their four year search after the loss of their own mum.

Helen Jordan, who runs the social media group Find Lisa, said she hopes the pair are now together again.

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She wrote: "Due to the loss of our mum we have been taking a break and trying to get our strength back again.

"Her biggest fear was never knowing what happened to Lisa and not being here to see justice but we assured her we would continue as we have and we hope they are now together again.

"Lisa and mum should have had many more years together but sadly the day we lost Lisa we also lost mum. I'm sure anyone in her position would understand her pain.

"One act of evil has affected all our lives and we blame the passing of our mum with this and to the people that remained silent. You could all have ended this so long ago and gave her the peace she and us deserve.

"We and others will continue this fight to find answers for us all and maybe then we can have some normal life again and Lisa and mum can rest in peace."

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