On Tuesday, April 28, 2009 we reported that...

A FAMILY has been selected from more than 500 applicants to be given one of 10 rottweiler puppies rejected by their mum.

The Kinniburghs of Bonhill are delighted to have welcomed a new addition in the form of 11-week-old Cola.

Cola hit the headlines earlier this year as one of 17 poorly pups which were handed in to an animal home after their mother rejected them.

Unfortunately, seven of the litter died soon after birth, while three were transferred to the Milton SSPCA Rehoming Centre to be nursed by collie surrogate Tara.

Publicity surrounding the touching story meant hundreds of applicants contacted the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty against Animals (SSPCA) wanting to take in one of the pups.

And after a rigorous assessment process by rehoming experts, the delighted family-of-four were named as one of the new owners.

Steven Kinniburgh, 37, says that the pup has been a big hit with his wife Amanda, 35, and their two sons Adam, six, and Ty, three.

He told the Reporter: “We had put our name down for one of the puppies after reading about the story. We had a rottweiler up to about three years ago, but she sadly died of old age, but she was such a lovely dog.

“There were around five hundred others who applied to get one of the pups, so we were very lucky, but I think the rehoming centre wanted experienced pet owners.

“Cola has been a dream since she moved in with us, most pups cry out at night when they’re in a new home, but Cola hasn’t at all.”

And Steve, the head chef at The Kilted Skirlie restaurant at Loch Lomond Shores, said he felt happy to help out the SSPCA in whatever way he could.

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He added: “It is good to give the centres notice when they can get it, because the work they do is so good.

“They were very professional with us, and even came out to visit our home to see that it was fit for the pup.

“Rottweilers maybe have a bad image, but they are very loyal and caring dogs — perfect for a family, but you just have to raise them with a firm hand.”

All 10 pups have found new homes, and Joe McDade, manager of the Milton home, said he was thrilled to see a happy ending being brought to a sad story.

He told the Reporter: “When the pups were brought here to be raised by Meg they were given no hope.

“But she did a marvellous job, so it is great to see them all find new homes.

“So often stories like this don’t always end well, but when it happens it is brilliant.”

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