People with epilepsy in West Dunbartonshire are in line to receive extra help to access benefits they are due.

Epilepsy Scotland has received funding which will help them employ a new full-time officer who will provide information on entitlements.

The £2,500 has come from Computershare Loan Services which donates money to organisations that support people experiencing financial hardship through disability or other circumstances.

The new officer will also help clients access financial support at the charity’s welfare rights service in Glasgow and during home visits across the country.

Epilepsy Scotland says confusion over benefit entitlements is a major source of distress for those with the condition.

Andrew Jones from Computershare Loan Services said: “We are delighted to support the Epilepsy Scotland welfare rights service through our charity donations fund.

“They’re a fantastic charity that provides targeted support for people with the condition across Scotland, empowering them to live a life far freer from distress.”

Gemma Fleet, from Epilepsy Scotland, said: “Stress, anxiety and sleeplessness can trigger seizures.

“By giving people with epilepsy the specialist support they need, we aim to reduce the negative emotional impact of navigating the benefits system, and help increase clients’ levels of financial security to enable them to live happier and healthier lives.”

The charity argues that by supporting people with epilepsy on a one-to-one basis, there is also a saving to health and social care expenditure in the long-term.

The donation will also enable the charity’s new officer to liaise with agencies and medics to gather information and help support clients’ claims and appeals.

Last year, Epilepsy Scotland secured over £700,000 for its clients.