On Wednesday, May 5, 2004 we reported that...

SCOTTISH soap River City has got a new pair of stars — thanks to the Reporter.

Twins Lucy and Milly Gillis-Drummond have taken on starring roles in the BBC show, which is filmed in Dumbarton, after mother Linda heard through the paper that they were looking for a baby.

But Linda is not allowed to reveal whose baby they are playing, only that their character is called Rochelle. She said the twins, who were born at the Queen Mother’s Hospital five weeks ago, are taking to their new job perfectly.

“They are completely oblivious!” she said. “I thought it would be a good chance to get out and about and meet new people, as well as being good for their development as well - they’re getting a range of different sights and sounds.

“I’ve met all the actors involved in the storyline - it will be a bit of a surprise. It’s going to be an interesting storyline, not what people are expecting.”

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Linda, who lives in Williamson Avenue in Dumbarton and used to work for at Dumbarton Joint Hospital, and partner Scott weren’t really fans of the show, but are now hooked, getting to know the plot before Rochelle’s arrival in June.

She said she is not sure if this will be the start of a long career on the screen for the twins— but it should be interesting when they grow into teenagers to get the old videos out!

Executive producer of the show Sandra MacIver was delighted to find twins to share the role.

She said: “We feel it’s important for the audience to see real babies on screen as it allows us to convey the story much more realistically.”

“We picked Lucy and Milly to star in the show as it is a production team’s dream to have two babies to work with.

"We have to follow really strict guidelines and with twins you get the best of both worlds.

“Lucy and Milly are just lovely and live nearby so it’s easier for their travel to and from set and their overall welfare.”

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