Bellsmyre residents have warmly received plans for a £30 million regeneration project in the area following the initial phase of public consultation.

Everyone in the area was welcomed to participate in the four-week consultation, with 138 tenants providing written feedback.

Of those who responded, 97 per cent said that they approved of the redevelopment scheme.

Unveiled by Bellsmyre Housing Association in partnership with its parent company Caledonia Housing Association, the plans involve replacing 225 traditional flats in the area with 180 affordable two storey homes.

Respondents also provided helpful feedback about their own individual needs and concerns regarding the proposals as well as what types of housing designs they would like to see in the area.

The next phase of the consultation will involve the creation of a Resident’s Forum, where locals can share their thoughts as plans progress.

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The project will be paid for through a combination of public and private funding raised by Caledonia Housing Association (CHA), one of Scotland’s leading housing charities.

CHA will also be responsible for temporarily re-housing any residents who may be displaced during construction within the Bellsmyre area.

Julie Cosgrove, CHA chief executive, said: “The people of Bellsmyre who participated in this consultation have demonstrated their clear support for our plans which would transform the Bellsmyre neighbourhood and we are fully committed to turning these proposals into reality.”

The final regeneration proposals will be announced to the community in June.

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