Are dodgy brakes or wobbly wheels preventing you getting on your bike?

Well, a cycle maintenance event on Saturday May 18 will help you remedy the situation and let you get mobile again.

Bonhill-Dalmonach Community Council are holding the event at Bonhill Bridge beside the old police box at the historic Ferry Steps.

There will be two gazebos, each with a fully trained bicycle mechanic who will check your bike and make any necessary mechanical adjustments to keep it running in tip -top condition.

Owners will be advised if there are any worn components, some spares can be provided but major repairs cannot be carried out due to time constraints.

The community council hopes the event will attract people who would like to use their bike more, but are deterred because of mechanical problems.

It is also hopes the event will inspire young people to start riding to school or using their bikes in leisure time to explore the countryside.

The first event will be held on May 18 from 11am to 4 pm.

For successive events, the community council will be consulting about the provision of adult cycling classes, led rides and e-bike evaluations.