Highland dancers from Dumbarton and the Vale will be flying the flag for Scotland when they take part in an international dance festival in France next week.

The talented troupe of Leah Aitken, 11, Skye Austin, 11, Morla Bruce, 9, Hannah Cameron, 11, Zoe Colraine, 14, Caitlin Marsh, 12 and Mirren McGlashan, 12, all attend the Sandra Lees School of Dance in Jamestown.

The team will heading to Argenteuil to take part in 'Un Gala de Danses Modernes des Villes Jumelees' on May 25.

Argenteuil is twinned with Clydebank and The Agora Association celebrate the link by hosting the dance spectacular every year, inviting dancers from Scotland, Romania, Italy, Germany and Portugal to come together.

Teachers Sandra Lees and Margo Lusk will support the girls as they showcase highland dance in a trio of specially choreographed routines at the event.

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The school has been delighted to provide dancers on many occasions for the show and is proud to be able to showcase highland dance on a European stage.

Sandra said: "We are delighted to perform in Argenteuil once again this year, the invitation means our young team will once again be able to enjoy a fantastic dancing experience.

“They are all very excited to be making the trip across to Paris to showcase their love of highland dancing and are all very supportive of each other.

"As well as being dedicated students they are also fantastic friends and are all a delight to work with.”

This year’s showcase will take place at the Salle Jean Villar Festival Hall, with the girls jetting out on Friday, May 24.

For more information about the school visit leeshighlanddancing.co.uk or search Lees School of Dance on Facebook.

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