The sale of high-energy drinks to under-16s is being banned in all shops and canteens across Scottish hospitals.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) is already at the forefront of the movement with none of its cafes or vending machines stocking these products.

Retailers and charities across the board’s premises are also signing up to the policy applying to drinks with an added caffeine content of more than 150mg/litre.

This latest move further strengthens the board’s dedication to making it as easy as possible for staff, patients and visitors to make healthy choices in its cafes and shops.

The health board is fully compliant with the national Healthcare Retail Standards (HRS) devised by Scotland’s chief medical officer.

NHS-run Aroma cafes, vending machines, canteens, retailers and trolley services have a number of strict criteria they must meet including:

Half of all food must meet nutritional criteria (low in sugar, fat and salt).

Seventy per cent of all drinks must meet nutritional criteria (sugar free or 0.5g/100g).

Food or drinks not meeting the nutritional criteria can’t be promoted.

The composition of meal deals must meet nutritional criteria (no sugary drinks or snacks high in fat or salt included).

Promotions at tills and aisles are only allowed to promote foods and drinks meeting the nutritional criteria.

Dr Linda de Caestecker, director of public health, said: “A healthy diet is crucial for good health.

“It is incumbent on us as a health board to set a good example and we had already made the decision to not stock energy drinks across our buildings and our retailers are also following suit.”