The public will have a chance next week to see the latest design proposals for a key housing site in Bellsmyre.

Bellsmyre and Caledonia Housing Association is inviting its tenants and the wider community to see the latest design proposals for the development at Muir Road.

The planning pre-application public consultation will take place at Our Lady and St Patricks High School on Thursday June 13 from 4pm to 6pm.

Architects and staff from the housing associations will be on hand to answer questions.

In a statement, the associations say: "As the initial phase of the Bellsmyre regeneration, Muir Road is an important starting point, and the latest proposals have been influenced by previous public consultations.

"Bellsmyre and Caledonia Housing Associations are keen to share these proposals with the community before issuing the detailed development plan to the West Dunbartonshire Council planning authority."

As the first phase of the Bellsmyre regeneration, Muir Road will play a key role in providing decant properties for the early phases of the regeneration project.

The development will involve the construction of 66 units, consisting of both semi-detached houses and flats for Caledonia Housing Association.

The planned regeneration as a whole includes the demolition of existing Bellsmyre Housing Association blocks of flats, replacing 250 units with a more extensive housing mix.

Muir Road and future phases aim to replace Bellsmyre’s existing housing stock with modern spacious properties – introducing new house types: bungalows, terraced and detached houses, as well as flats.