A CHARITABLE Dumbarton writer has penned a new kid's book - with the proceeds going to a local children's hospice.

Gordon Ross, 72, has released the Dream Catcher, with all proceeds being donated to CHAS facility Robin House.

The new story details the adventures of a group of children

Gordon said: "I wrote one a few years, called Jimmy's Summer Holiday, which was a kid's book.

"It was about a bunch of animals basically having an adventure.

"It involved a mouse, a rat and a haggis."

The trio met each other in Glasgow, before taking to the seas and landing in America in the adventure caper.

Gordon said: "That went down very well, and all the profits went to CHAS."

Now, Gordon has made an attempt to give even more money to the charity, by crowdfunding for the initial costs of self-publishing the books.

He said: "I did it a wee bit differently this time.

"I had to take the costs off the last time, so CHAS didn't get as much as they perhaps should have got.

"This time I started a crowdfunder, which meant that all the money, from every sale, goes to CHAS."

Gordon can't really pin down where the inspiration for his stories comes from, saying "I just get daft wee stories coming into my head all the time".

He added: "I wrote both of the stories a few years ago, and people would read them and say they should be published, so I just decided to do it myself."

The latest story details the adventures of two youngsters in wheelchairs, who meet the Dream Catcher - who can make their dreams come true.

Gordon was tight lipped when asked to elaborate, telling the Reporter: "Without spoiling the story for anyone, the two kids end up doing very well by the end of the story."

An initial print run of 345 books have already sold out, with Gordon forced to nab another.

For the first print of the book, Gordon has already handed over a check for £1,600 to CHAS.

The books are available for £5 each, and can be bought at Discography Records and Benvenuti Cafe in Dumbarton.

Prospective readers can also get in touch with Gordon personally to arrange a purchase, with an extra £1.50 added for postage.

Gordon can be contacted at greatscot1320@gmail.com