Train stations in Dumbarton and the Vale are benefitting from new, upgraded high definition CCTV equipment.

The change is part of a move from an analogue CCTV camera system to a new digital hybrid system across 280 stations and depots in Scotland.

The new system sees the 220 scrolling CCTV monitors switch to a 24-screen intelligent video wall, which can analyse the movements of customers on the platform.

According to Scotrail, this will help their staff determine if members of the public are in unsafe situations, allowing their monitoring team to alert station staff if necessary.

Monitoring passenger numbers, behavioural analytics and car park management can also be controlled via the new camera units.

David Lister, ScotRail's sustainability and safety assurance director, said: “Train travel is safe but that doesn’t mean we take our customers’ safety for granted.

"This new system is designed to provide even more security and reassurance to our customers and our people.

“CCTV and station Help Points are hugely important in combating crime and anti-social behaviour. And with passenger numbers continuing to grow and crime remaining low on Scotland’s Railway, we think CCTV has played a part in this.

“We believe the improvements we’ve made will give our customers added confidence as to the safety of travel by rail.”