AN MSP has welcomed the decision of West Dunbartonshire Council to oppose the Flamingo Land plans.

Ross Greer, who represents the West of Scotland region at Holyrood, has led a campaign against the plans, at the southern tip of Loch Lomond.

As part of his drive against the proposed tourist development, Mr Greer and his Green Party set up an online portal to formally object to the plans, leading to 56,000 letters of representation being sent to the planning authority.

On Wednesday, WDC rejected calls from its own officers to tentatively back the plans in favour of coming out against them, in a testy evening at the council's Church Street offices in Dumbarton.

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Mr Greer said: "This is a huge moment for our campaign. I’m delighted that West Dunbartonshire Council has, despite the apparent recommendations of officials, listened to the overwhelming opinion of local residents and others across Scotland who value our national park and want to see these plans rejected.

“Flamingoland is the most unpopular planning application in Scottish history.

"It would see public land in our national park sold off to a private developer, whose profits will disappear out of the community and whose own environmental impact assessment conceded major damage, including injury and death to red squirrels and otters, pollution of running and standing water and damage to ancient woodland.

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“With opposition growing to such unprecedented levels and now including the local council, as well as groups like the Ramblers and Woodland Trust, it’s clear that the National Park should reject the plans and protect this public land.”