AN ANGRY sheriff has accused a solicitor of "making the court look stupid" over its handling of a banned driver who was caught speeding at up to 90 miles an hour on a terrifying rampage through Dumbarton and Bonhill.

Fahim Rahman was originally handed a community-based punishment at Dumbarton Sheriff Court in May for driving dangerously on the A82 between Milton and Lomondgate, and on the A813 between Lomondgate and the Braehead estate in Bonhill, on March 23.

He only stopped after crashing on the Braehead estate into a vehicle which was carrying two children as passengers.

Rahman was back in court on June 14 in connection with four further road traffic offences, committed before his March rampage.

But sentence was deferred for seven days for Rahman's principal lawyer to appear after Sheriff John Hamilton said he had not been made aware in May that the other offences committed by Rahman were road traffic matters.

The 24-year-old drove while banned, and without insurance, at a car park at O'Hare in Bonhill, and on Stirling Road and Main Street in Alexandria, on February 13.

And he committed the same two offences again when he drove between Milngavie Road in Bearsden and Crow Road in the west end of Glasgow on February 27.

At Rahman's sentencing hearing for the February matters, held on Friday, Sheriff Hamilton accused Rahman's lawyer of "not giving the court a full picture" of the other cases against his client when the March matters called for sentence.

The sheriff said: "I was concerned [last week] because we had a situation where Mr Rahman was disqualified from driving in November, twice drove while disqualified in February, and drove while disqualified again in March.

"Had the court had the full information [when sentencing Rahman for the March matter] I can't see how the court would have dealt with that case in the way it did.

"He drives while disqualified on February 13, drives while disqualified again on February 27, and then in March he's driving like a maniac.

"Had I known the March matter was the third case of driving while disqualified, I would have dealt with him in a very different way.

"The court expects agents to be candid and to give a full picture. The March incident was atrocious, and had the court known all the information it knows now, he would have got the jail.

"My recollection is that I wasn't told in May that there were two other pending disqualified driving cases in Dumbarton.

"Mr Rahman must have thought he'd won a watch."

The sheriff told Rahman's lawyer: "That's a dereliction on your part. It looks appalling. If the court doesn't get full information, the court gets made to look stupid – and, frankly, I get made to look stupid."

Rahman's lawyer – who appeared personally at the original sentencing hearing in May, but not on June 14 – said: "That does not concur with my recollection. In my memory I was candid with the court. But I take this opportunity to apologise."

Rahman's sentence in May saw him handed unpaid work, a four-month restriction of liberty order, and a five-year driving ban for the March rampage.

But because the Bonhill and Bearsden matters pre-dated the March offences, the sheriff was unable to impose a prison sentence at Friday's hearing.

Instead Rahman, of Hillhead Road in Kirkintilloch, was handed a six-month extension to his 9pm-6am home detention curfew, a further two-year driving ban, and was ordered to do 120 more unpaid hours of community work within 12 months.