Last weekend our new village square was being used as a car park, with cars, motorbikes, and a car with a boat being trailed behind it - as well as people sitting in their cars enjoying their fish suppers.

Is Balloch Road, after all the money being spent on improvements, going to be any easier to navigate with cars parked outwith the allocated parking areas and on double yellow lines?

Extra car parking spaces have been created in Balloch, but apparently will never be enough as people are prepared to park anywhere that suits them.

So is it time for West Dunbartonshire Council to consider employing traffic wardens to deal with illegal parking in the whole area?

Another bugbear of mine is inconsiderate parking on pavements - I’m fed up having to step on to the road because cars are parked so far onto the pavement you can’t get past, so how do the visually impaired, wheelchair users and buggy pushers manage?

It puts peoples life’s in danger.

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We have to make our village safe for pedestrians, and we are trying to encourage people to use public transport and to walk through our village, which they can’t do if cars are abandoned everywhere.

Haldane’s Inler Park is now nearing completion after £320,000 spend to create tennis courts and football pitches.

Unfortunately however, its opening has been delayed due to vandalism on the site with only a partial opening of the Park (left, before works began) now taking place.

Balloch and Haldane Community Council are currently pursuing several areas of improvement, for example. removal of sunken boats in the Loch, and the removal of overhanging branches opposite Levenbank Terrace, and we will continue to carry out walkabouts in the area to identify any possible areas of future improvement.

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