A DOG owner has spoken of her outrage after one of her pooches was burned and another made sick by an alleged leak into the River Leven.

Yvonne Murray was walking her Newfoundlands Glen and Halo last weekend near the River Leven Industrial Estate when the pair made for the water.

As Yvonne, who works at the Glasgow University School of Veterinary Medicine, approached the water, she could see it was contaminated, and could smell what she described as “white spirit, but ten times worse”.

She hurried to retrieve the pups from the water, but the damage was done.

When he swims, Glen has a habit of drinking the water, which Yvonne said left the dog out of sorts.

She said: “Glen has been hit the worst by it, because he drinks the water when he swims.

“He’s usually very energetic and eats a lot, but since we got back he hasn’t quite been the same.

“He’s getting better now, but he wasn’t himself for a while.”

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Yvonne also told the Reporter that Halo had suffered a “chemical burn” to her side as a result of the swim.

When she managed to get the two out of the water, a fisherman nearby told her the contamination was coming from a pipe nearby, with an unknown source.

Yvonne said: “A really nice fisherman told me there was some sort of contamination. We decided to report it to SEPA.”

The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency could not find any pollution during its investigation, but pledged to monitor the river and urged members of the public to report any potential pollution.

A spokesman for the organisation said: “Every day SEPA works to protect and enhance Scotland’s environment.

“SEPA received reports of an oily sheen in the River Leven, West Dunbartonshire on Saturday 29 June and Sunday 30 June.

“SEPA Officers attended the site at the earliest opportunity on Monday 1 July however did not observe any ongoing pollution at that time.

“Whilst on this occasion it has been difficult to substantiate a source of pollution SEPA will continue to monitor the River Leven and would encourage members of the public to contact our 24-hour Pollution Hotline on 0800 807060 to ensure that we can build a more accurate picture of where potential sources of pollution may arise and investigate further.”

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Yvonne hoped to warn dog owners to be vigilant.