Dalreoch Primary held a leavers prize giving event at the end of term to celebrate the success of their primary seven pupils before they move up to secondary school.

In total, eight awards were presented to pupils to mark their achievements over the year.

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The children receiving the prizes were as follows: Head Teacher Award - Cahl Hyslop, Art Award - Logan Devlin, Leadership Award - Derrin Caulderhead, Calvin Hamilton Award - Lauren Horner, Sports Award - Callum Quinn, Language Award - Michael Wright, Maths Award - Katie McKenzie, and the John Lamond Award - Logan Don.

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Dalreoch Primary head teacher, Yvonne Adams, told the Reporter: “Our leavers prize giving event is an opportunity to highlight, reward and thank our pupils who have worked hard over the year and shown great enthusiasm and commitment to their learning.

“We wish all our pupils well on the next step of their educational journey and we thank parents and guardians for their support over the last year.”