DUMBARTON’S favourite son has expressed his gratitude to the participants of a mass walk.

Organised by the Greenspace team at West Dunbartonshire Council in partnership with the Sporting Memories Foundation Scotland, the Grand Prix Walk took place last month.

Taking place in Levengrove Park, walkers were given the chance to do one, two or three laps, in honour of Sir Jackie’s first F1 World Championship win.

The Formula One legend took home the title in 1969, after finishing on 63 points representing the team Matra International.

His first win also included first place finishes in six different races as well as a singular second place berth.

The event was also used as a way to raise awareness of the valuable work done by Sir Jackie’s charity Race Against Dementia.

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It was created to help find a cure for the disease, which sees people lose mental capacity and ability as they get older - with the most common type of dementia being Alzheimer’s disease.

Sir Jackie’s wife, Helen, suffers from the incurable condition, making the work of his charity even more vital to the three-time world champion.

Unfortunately, the Flying Scotsman himself was not able to take part himself - as the day of the event clashed with his birthday.

However, Sir Jackie made sure to send a heartfelt video message to those who took part.

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He said: “I want to thank everybody for the whole programme at Levengrove Park to celebrate my birthday and support Race Against Dementia. Believe me, it meant an enormous amount to me.

“It is so kind that you all went to that trouble, so many, many thanks.”