A MAN who was found lying drunk and foaming at the mouth in a Dumbarton park launched a stream of abuse at police after they arrested him.

Gavin McLintock called one cop “a big beardy p****er” and labelled another “a f*****g mad cow” after they went to his aid in Levengrove Park in May.

Dumbarton Sheriff Court heard on Friday that the incident happened after McLintock went to the park with two young children and a female friend on the afternoon of May 23.

The 36-year-old appeared in court for sentencing after admitting a charge of threatening or abusive behaviour, aggravated by homophobic prejudice.

Sarah Healing, prosecuting, said: “Alcohol was consumed. At around half past five the accused left the party he was with and lay down on the grass while intoxicated.

“Members of the public became concerned and phoned for assistance from the police, who attempted to speak with him to assist.

“He stood up and was noted to be foaming at the mouth; he appeared nervous and was footering in his trouser pocket.

“He was detained for the purposes of a search. He became abusive and began shouting and swearing towards the police.”

McLintock was arrested and taken in a police van to Clydebank’s police station, but repeatedly kicked the inside of the van during the journey.

“As they arrived,” Ms Healing continued, “the accused shouted at one officer ‘you’re a big beardy p****er” and at the second ‘f*****g mad cow’.”

McLintock’s lawyer said the incident happened after his client consumed alcohol for the first time in a long time, and after taking painkillers, calling it “a lamentable situation” which his client “bitterly regrets”.

The solicitor continued: “He is conscious that drink has been a significant factor in most, if not all, of his offending.”

Sheriff Maxwell Hendry told McLintock: “I hope, in the cold, sober light of day, that you are deeply, deeply ashamed of your behaviour.

“What sort of role model is that for a young child?

“There is absolutely no reason why police should be subjected to this type of abuse.”

McLintock was handed a community payback order, as a direct alternative to custody.

He will be supervised by social workers for 18 months and will be required to attend alcohol counselling and/or treatment as directed by his supervisor.

He was also ordered to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work within nine months.