THE brother of a Dumbarton man left languishing in an Indian prison has called for a meeting with the new Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson, who beat Jeremy Hunt in the race to become the leader of the Conservative Party and the new head of the government, was Foreign Secretary at the time of Jagtar Singh Johal's arrest in November 2017.

Jaggi, as he is known, was in the country for his wedding when he was arrested.

Officials accused Jaggi, a Sikh activist, of being involved in a number of targeted killings in the Punjab region in the preceding two years.

Since, Jaggi's family - who are still in Dumbarton - have accused Indian officials of torture, and violating his human rights.

Following the election of Mr Johnson, Jaggi's brother Gurpreet Singh has said he failed to meet with the family during his time in the Foreign Office, despite assurances he would.

Mr Singh has also accused the new PM of failing Jaggi and his family, and has called for him to make amends.

Boris Johnson was the Foreign Secretary when Jagtar Singh was detained in India and tortured by police there in November 2017. As Johnson becomes the country's new Prime Minister today, Jaggi's brother, Gurpreet Singh, has issued the following statement:

"When my brother Jagtar Singh Johal was first detained in India, Boris Johnson was the Foreign Secretary.

"As he now takes up the position of Prime Minister nearly two years later, my brother is still detained in India.

"Jaggi was detained without charge and tortured during Boris Johnson's time as Foreign Secretary.

"As Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson did not adequately support my brother through his ordeal. Jaggi's issue is of the utmost concern to Sikhs across the UK and diaspora, evident through the support seen at countless Sikh events and gatherings since 2017.

"Despite promising to do so, Boris Johnson did not meet with our family and MP, Martin Docherty Hughes.

"I expect him to make amends and to now meet me as Prime Minister.

"While he was at the Foreign Office, Boris Johnson failed my brother; now that he is in Downing Street, he must not fail him once more, as his predecessor in Downing Street and successor in the Foreign Office did."

West Dunbartonshire MP Martin Docherty-Hughes has repeatedly fought Jaggi's corner in the House of Commons.

He told the Reporter: "With a new Prime Minister in place, I will continue working closely with Jagtar’s family to ensure they receive the best possible support from the UK government.

“As a British citizen believed to have been tortured during his detention abroad, Boris Johnson should have done a lot more to intervene in my constituent’s plight as the then Foreign Secretary.

"But the family’s plea for help fell on deaf ears at the time and now almost two years later Jagtar’s future remains uncertain.

“It’s been a frustrating process for Jaggi’s family here in Scotland, but they are more determined than ever to prove his innocence.

"I will be working with colleagues in parliament to press the new PM and Foreign Secretary to do everything possible to help secure justice for Jagtar.”