On Tuesday, August 4, 2009, we reported...

A NEW home for feathered friends on Loch Lomondside will leave it better placed for its work to help to reduce cruelty against animals, the owners hope.

The Loch Lomond Birds of Prey Centre allows people to get up close to some amazing creatures and also hopes to educate young people in the area about nature and wildlife, and in turn help to conserve and improve it for future generations.

The Birds of Prey Centre relocated in May from its base in the car park at Lomond Shores to the back of Loch Lomond Homes and Garden Centre in Balloch.

Stewart Robertson, director of the facility, revealed that gaining classroom space was one of the main factors behind the move.

Stewart told the Reporter: “One of the main plus points about moving to this new location is that we now have a designated classroom, which is very helpful for teaching kids in the area about the birds.

“We hope that through having an interesting and memorable experience with the birds at the centre, then they will not tolerate or take part in hurting an animal at some point in their life.”

The centre has been opened in November 2004, and has since become a focal point for schools in the area. Its ethos is to conserve birds of prey — such as owls, hawks and the star attraction is Orla, the Golden Eagle.