Renton is the least safe train station in Dumbarton and the Vale.

According to statistics obtained by the Reporter through a Freedom of Information request, by the end of June seven violent crimes and two sexual assaults had been recorded at the station during 2018/19.

The violent crimes included three incidences of common assault, three assaults without injury on a constable (police officer or PCSO), and one incidence of possession of an offensive weapon.

Elsewhere, during the same time period at Dalreoch station three common assaults were recorded, whereas at Dumbarton Central one common assault and three assaults without injury on a constable (police officer or PCSO) took place.

At Kilpatrick station one common assault occurred, one incidence of possession of an offensive weapon and two serious assaults were recorded.

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Reacting to the figures, Councillor Jim Bollan told the Reporter: “The offences committed at local railway stations like Renton for example and others locally come as no surprise.

“Scotrail were warned at the time by myself and other local people that de-staffing stations like Renton would make them less safe places and this is what we are beginning to see with these stats that have been released.

“Stations need to be re-staffed, with enhanced lighting and a more welcoming environment than some of the local stations we have.

“This was another cost cutting exercise by Scotrail who never took into account the safety of the travelling public.

“More investment, with less profits for the shareholders is required.”

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British Transport Police Chief Inspector Davie Gray assured that officers are on patrol at stations and on trains 24/7 ready to respond should any incidents arise.

He added: “We do not tolerate any crime on the rail network. We have access to a vast network of CCTV cameras that helps officers identity offenders and bring them to justice.

“However, it’s important to provide context to these statistics. There are more than three million journeys at the listed stations every year, with approximately 59,000 occurring at Renton station only. Additionally, at the same station there have been no reports of sexual crime this year, and only one report of common assault.

“The reality is, crime across the Scottish rail network is very low and the likelihood of being a victim of crime is rare.

"We work very closely with Police Scotland and our partners in the rail industry to address any issues that arise; this has seen a marked reduction of anti-social behaviour on routes throughout West Dunbartonshire.

“This work will continue; with our officers always focussed on keeping the travelling public safe.”