A COUNCIL body has said it will sign a pledge to continue its work on domestic abuse.

The management board of Community Planning West Dunbartonshire made the decision at its meeting on Thursday, following an update on the progress of its domestic abuse strategy.

Plans had been formed to hold an event in December where the pledge would be officially signed.

However, council chief executive Joyce White opted to forgo the ceremony, and asked that the pledge come back to the board at its next meeting.

She said: "I would say that we could probably do it before one of our meetings, so we're not battling with busy diaries.

"Obviously we can't do it today, but maybe at the next meeting that would be better."

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It is not clear what kind of promises the pledge would make, only that it would confirm the ongoing commitment of Community Planning West Dunbartonshire to fight against domestic abuse.

The idea was accepted by the management board, and the pledge is set to be signed at the next meeting.