A parent has threatened to take his children out of school over concerns about the "total building site" they will be returning to on Monday.

Drew MacEoghainn, who has served on St Martin's Primary parent council, says the ongoing work at the school has left the site covered in scaffolding and dust.

It is believed the present works, which include the installation of new windows, internal redecoration and relaying the roof, began around ten weeks ago.

Drew told the Reporter: "It's a total building site where they have proposed to close a stairwell leaving only one open when our kids return.

"Christie Park is the priority according to the workmen with St Martin's an "ongoing project" which can be completed whenever.

"This is nothing short of a disgrace, the gym is full of stoor with workmen on scaffolding still putting windows in.

"The windows which have been fitted need plastered below them to stop water penetration but [the glazing firm] said its not their job.

"They're proposing to leave around 20 square metres on the playground at the nursery side for the kids to play in as the scaffolding is up all around the building."

Drew is urging other parents to also voice their concerns and contact councillors in a bid to see the situation addressed.

He added: "This is absolutely disgusting asking our kids and staff to go onto this building site come Monday.

"The pictures don't do it justice there's scaffolding all over the dining hall, the gym equipment is bundled in the centre all dusty with no dust sheets.

"It's deplorable, [the glazing firm] don't do weekends, so not a great deal will change before Monday.

"I'm taking my kids out unless things dramatically change before Monday."

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On Facebook, other parents reiterated Drew's concerns with one calling it "totally unacceptable" and "dangerous".

Another raised concerns that it will not only be pupils who are affected, saying: "This also affects the nursery. They were also in painting the corridors of the school that the nursery kids walk through in June before the kids stopped. The place was stinking."

In response to the concerns, the council said that focus during the summer holidays has been on completing works which would have been impractical while pupils were in the building, including re-roofing the entire school.

Every classroom and corridor has been redecorated and new windows have been fitted in the main corridors, gym/dining hall and kitchen.

Work is continuing today and cleaning will take place over the weekend as planned.

The refurbishment of the gym/dining hall area is scheduled to take place at weekends over August and September and new carpets will be installed in the classrooms during the October break.

Once completed the improvement works will bring the school up to a Grade B condition.

The spokeswoman added: “The £850,000 plus refurbishment programme at St Martin’s Primary commenced last year and is on schedule to be completed in phases before the end of this financial year.

"These works are improving the fabric of the building, with a new roof and windows, and also enhancing the learning environment for children who will return on Monday to bright, freshly decorated classrooms and corridors.

"In common with any works to our schools, the head teacher and staff have been involved at key stages in the development, as indeed has a health and safety officer.”