A suspected blaze at a Dumbarton pub turned out be a false alarm, the fire service have confirmed.

Firefighters were called to the Captain James Lang on the High Street earlier this morning (August 21) after reports of a fire.

A video posted by a Twitter user appeared to show the pub alight with smoke coming out from the building.

After investigation by the fire service, however, it turned out that there was no fire and the pub's anti-burglar smoke cloak had been activated.

A spokeswoman for Scottish Fire and Rescue told the Reporter: "Just before half six we were called out to a fire in Dumbarton High Street but this turned out to be a false alarm.

"We went and checked it out and there was no sign of any fire.

"The smoke was an anti-burglar smoke cloak that had been activated.

"The alarm has gone off, but there wasn't any actual fire."

Video credit: Jamie Black