A STAR WARS superfan who has raised a quarter of a million pounds for Balloch’s Robin House and CHAS’ other hospice has been recognised at the Prime Minister’s first public reception.

With the assistance of an army of fellow volunteers, Keith Armour’s fundraisers have generated the massive sum by putting on five major sci-fi and pop-culture events.

The team have worked tirelessly to organise Capital Sci-Fi Con in Edinburgh and The Falkirk Invasion since 2016, attracting stars including Peter Capaldi and Warwick Davis as well as thousands of fans.

Keith also brings joy to the children at the Balloch hospice by visiting them with his fellow Cosplayers, who arrive decked out in costumes and fashion accessories to represent specific movie and comic book characters - usually from Star Wars.

For his efforts, Keith received the Prime Minister’s daily Points of Light award from ex-PM Theresa May, which recognises outstanding volunteers who are making change.

Following this, he was invited by Boris Johnson to 10 Downing Street to hear about his progress since receiving the award in 2017.

The reception praised the work of hospice staff and volunteers from six hospices, who are all making a difference to the lives of young children and their families.

Keith said: “I was stunned to get the invitation last Friday, inviting us along to Downing Street for an update on the Capital Sci-Fi Con story.

“I was delighted to tell them that we have smashed our fundraising target of £250,000 for CHAS.”

“I would like to thank all of the volunteers who worked so hard in making the events a success, the supporters who travelled from far and wide to attend and everyone else involved.

“Without the huge community support we wouldn’t be able to raise as much money as we do for CHAS.

“Roll on Capital Sci-Fi Con 2020.”

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Congratulating Keith on gaining this recognition, Laura Campbell, senior community fundraiser at CHAS, explained the difference Keith’s efforts have made to families at Robin House and at the charity’s other hospice, Rachel House in Kinross.

Laura said: “What a thrill to be invited down to Downing Street to shout about the efforts of Keith, his team of Cosplayers and the work that CHAS does.

“The £250,000 raised by Capital Sci-Fi Con over the last four years equates to the cost of funding six full-time nurses for one whole year - it’s an incredible amount.

“The team have not only worked tirelessly over the past four years to organise these extremely successful events and bring the cream of the crop from the Sci-Fi world to the Scottish public, but they also take the time to visit families at the hospices to spread joy with their amazing costumes.”

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Earlier this month, the Reporter told how a bereaved father raised thousands of pounds for the hospice by completing the 310-mile Lang Way Doon cycle route with his pals.

David Shields took on the mammoth challenge following the death of daughter, Freya, who sadly passed away aged just 83 minutes. Their family received bereavement support from CHAS.