On Tuesday, August 25, 2009 we reported...

ALL of the excited new primary one pupils turned up for their first day at school this week, along with their teary-eyed parents.

Most of the youngsters could not wait to get started, but inevitably there were some who were a bit unsure about their new surroundings.

It was an “emotional” morning for the mums and dads too, and none more so than Linda and Scott Gillies who were waving farewell to twins Milly and Lucy, five, at Haldane Primary.

The 37-year-old mum said: “It’s a comfort knowing that they have each other but it is really difficult because we are letting go of our babies at the same time — it’s quite emotional.

“They are ready for it though and I’m sure they will love it.

“They are really looking forward to making lots of wee friends, more than anything else.

“Now I’m just counting the hours until we can come back and collect them.”

The Haldane school welcomed 25 new pupils who will be split into one primary one class and one primary one/two composite which will be taught by Miss McFadden, Mrs Coats and Mrs Campbell.

The Melville family could not quite believe that little Abigail, who was sporting an impressive Little Mermaid bag, was off to school, but her mum thought she was ready to make the big step.

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Leanne said: “It’s been very exciting and emotional so far but because Abigail is so excited to come to school it has been much easier for us.”

“She has been dying to come all through the summer, but when the homework starts to come she might be hiding under the covers.

“The head teacher and teachers are all lovely and we could not have asked for any more from them.”

All of the tiny tots looked a picture dressed up in their new uniforms, especially angelic Rachel Stewart.

But her mum Marie might have had to get it into the washing machine straight away because as soon as she got to the classroom the four-year-old got right into some painting.

The pupils started at 10am — in order to avoid the mayhem of the bigger girls and boys marching in — and the eager parents were queuing up again at 12pm to collect their little darlings and find out how they enjoyed their first day.

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Head teacher Karen Ward told the Reporter: “I love it when the primary ones start because it is a fresh term and they are all eager beavers.

"But the bottom line is they are ready to come to school.

"I’ve only had a few tears from the parents, which I can cope with — the pupils have been great.”