TWO thugs who attacked a man in a Bonhill street have been jailed for more than a year.

James Paton and David Till, both aged 33, previously admitted assault to severe injury and permanent disfigurement.

Dumbarton Sheriff Court heard in July how there had been a "suggestion of infidelity" on the part of the victim's partner with Till.

The man found his partner standing outside her home in Woodside Crescent with Paton and Till on May 2 this year and "abusive remarks were exchanged".

But Till then grabbed the man, pulling him over a fence, punching him to the head and body. He banged the victim's head on the ground, lifted him by the body and threw him on the ground, landing on his back.

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Paton joined in and both attackers punched and kicked the man to the head and body.

The victim needed six stitches for a laceration about his eye, had a laceration to his left ear and bruising to his legs and head.

At the court last week, defence solicitor Scott Adair, said Paton was "entirely realistic" he would be jailed, despite only joining in at the "tail end".

But Sheriff Maxwell Hendry, who had challenged that claim previously, replied that Paton joined in an a "cowardly way with his tuppence".

Judith Reid, defence solicitor for Till, said her client recognised custody was also the only option for the court.

She said: "His position has consistently been that the complainer had been assaulted earlier in the day by his partner. He accepts what he did to the complainer would cause significant injury. He accepts none of that [earlier incident[ is particularly relevent."

Ms Reid added that Till had reached an age where he was going to have to amend his behaviour if he was going to have any life with family or in employment.

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Sheriff Hendry said: "If I look into the future, I see [prison] as your future unless you choose to change."

Paton was jailed for 18 months followed by an extra nine months of supervised release. Till was locked up for two years, plus 12 months supervised release.

Both jail terms were backdated to May 3.