Dumbarton’s MSP has taken Oxfam’s pledge to say ‘no to new’ clothes this September to help people and the planet, and is encouraging constituents to do the same.

The Second Hand September campaign aims to draw attention to the increasing pressure fast fashion is putting on the environment, and asks the public to buy second hand instead of new for one month.

According to Jackie Baillie, the textile industry produces more greenhouse gas emissions than the shipping and aviation industries combined and, to keep prices low, throwaway fashion is often made by garment workers from the world’s poorest communities who are paid below the living wage.

This type of fashion is unsustainable, with 11 million items of clothing in the UK ending up in landfill every week.

Buying is an alternative to fast fashion as it helps to slow the relentless consumer cycle by giving garments a second chance to be sold and re-used.

By shopping at Oxfam, people can also do their bit to raise money to help the world’s poorest people fight for their right to be paid a fair wage, be protected against climate disasters and access the basics like clean water.

Ms Baillie said: “By taking Oxfam’s Second Hand September pledge I am saying no to new clothes for 30 days. I am joining Oxfam in sending a message that fashion is currently unsustainable and that we want retailers to produce clothes in a way that is better for our planet and for the people who make them.

“I’m calling on people across Dumbarton and the Vale of Leven to get behind Second Hand September and do their bit to help people and the planet.”

People can take the pledge to slow down fast fashion, and get access to shopping tips and styling tricks to make their month of no new a breeze, at oxfam.org.uk/SecondHandSeptember.