A PROSPECTIVE taxi driver who gave council officers the wrong address twice has been given two weeks to finally get it right - or lose any chance he has of getting a license.

Waseem Akram, whose address was listed in council papers as Main Street, Alexandria, originally told council officials he had been living in Balloch.

When consulted about his application, police officers knew that the address was frequently used as a holiday let, and also that Mr Akram was not living there.

When questioned, the applicant told police he gave the Balloch address on the initial application in the hopes it would “make the process go faster”.

When asked by police where he now lived, Mr Akram changed his address to Alexandria.

However, when council officers made enquiries through the council tax service, it turned out Mr Akram wasn’t living at that address either.

Mr Akram told the committee: “The Main Street flat was temporary, and I was living there when police asked me what my address was.

“I wasn’t sure if I was going to be there for a week or a month, so I told them where I was currently living.”

As of the end of June, Mr Akram was residing in what he told the committee was a permanent address, on Risk Street in Dumbarton.

Committee vice-chairman Jonathan McColl tabled a motion to give Mr Akram 14 days to produce proof of his, now permanent, address before he would be granted permission to be a taxi driver in West Dunbartonshire.

Mr Akram thanked the committee for their decision, and assured them he would provide evidence of his address within the time frame required.