A lifeline cafe for the disabled and elderly is threatened with closure and Renton residents are trying to save it.

An appeal has been launched to save the ‘vital’ Village Cafe on Main street after its planning application was rejected by West Dunbartonshire Council.

The establishment may now be forced to close and members of the community have signed an online petition to stop this from happening.

Lorraine Cameron started the petition and told the Reporter: “Our family and most of the community use the cafe, as a disabled member of the community it is one of the few places with access.

“Staff go over and above what is needed. They do delivery and for elderly people and those living with a disability it means a lot when they’re unable to get out.”

The petition on Change.org currently has 360 signatures. It reads: “Please support The Village Cafe, sign and share this petition to keep it open.

“It is a gem in our community.”

Lori Wilson wrote on the webpage: “We have literally nothing else in the area and if small businesses keep getting closed down then it will get even worse.”

Julie Tobaben added: “It seems like the Renton is just being left to die. We need more businesses, so keep the cafe going.”

Previously a beauty salon, when it was turned into a café by a previous owner no permission was sought.

Run by Duncan Wrethman, the small local café has been open for just over a year.

Mr Wrethman wrote a post on social media saying he applied for a change of use, but the supplier of his extractor system has not provided, or was unable to give the council what they required.

He posted: “We will reapply ASAP. I would like to thank everyone for their support, it’s been a struggle but we won’t give in.”

Residents have come out to support the local business owner before when his snack van faced objections.

The planning application for the cafe was formally refused on September 18.

The reason for refusal was noted as follows: “The existing ventilation system is inadequate to control odours from the type and method of cooking/menu at the café. A new ventilation system is required and despite requests for the detail of this, the information provided is insufficient and has not confirmed that the ventilation system can safeguard the amenity of adjacent residential properties from odour nuisance.”

You can sign the petition here.