A BONHILL woman who discovered her partner had been having an affair with her sister armed herself with a knife before going to her sibling’s home.

O’Hare resident Jennifer Kane put the blade in her pocket before she went to the property in nearby Braehead on April 13.

Kane, a first offender, appeared for sentencing at Dumbarton Sheriff Court on Friday after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing to possession of a bladed item in a public place.

Her solicitor said: “My client had been in a relationship with a man with whom she had had a child six months before this incident.

“She discovered her sister had been involved with this man also.

“On the date of this incident she had been drinking because of the trauma of that discovery, and she went to see her sister with this item.”

Sheriff William Gallacher told the 34-year-old: “This is a remarkable offence for someone of your age to appear on as a first offender.

“However, I am satisfied there was no serious intent to actually wield this weapon or to cause serious injury.”

Kane was placed on a community payback order which will see her monitored by social workers for the next 12 months.