Dumbarton’s MSP is calling on Scottish government to scrap proposals which would force drivers to pay for parking at work.

Jackie Baillie hit out at the SNP’s Transport Bill, which would allow local authorities to impose a workplace parking levy on firms with more than 11 parking spaces.

She said: “With current levels of public transport not up to scratch, it is ludicrous to suggest that charging people to park at work would reduce the number of people commuting by car.

“The proposal is for a flat tax, meaning low income workers would be charged as much as those on significantly higher incomes. And despite this being pitched as an environmental issue, the tax is not being ring fenced meaning there is no guarantee that the income will be used to upgrade public transport.”

A similar levy has already been introduced by Nottingham Council, which sees car owners paying £415 per parking space, per year, to park at their work.

Jackie added: “It’s time the Scottish government ditched the proposal and made our public transport reliable to encourage people to reduce the use of their cars.”