A RENTON pensioner says he will fight the council in court to keep his memorial to his late-wife.

John Daly, 73, has painted the walls and steps of his council house lilac, his wife Rachel’s favourite colour.

He said: “I’ve lived here for 12 or 15 years and it hasn’t been painted in all that time.”

He asked the council for permission to repaint his home.

When a response came granting it he saw it only condoned “neutral”.

But he told the Reporter he’d already bought the paint.

Mr Daly also said the brickwork needed repointing, which he also took it upon himself to do.

He said: “Some of the neighbours have told me it’s lovely. Nice and clean and bright.”

Rachel passed away 18 months ago, following a long illness.

Mr Daly said: “I know her spirit is still here, she’s sent me messages.”

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He has made a memorial garden at the back of his house, with forget-me-nots and featuring a light lilac lily - her favourite colour.

The interior of his home is also painted purple.

He is adamant about “keeping her memory alive” but also said he doesn’t see what’s wrong in “taking pride in the place”.

Mr Daly received a letter from the council telling him he must repaint or face being charged for the work to be carried out by building services.

He told the Reporter: “I’m prepared to go to court. They’re just being petty, or they’re feart that I start a trend. It would show them right up.

“At my age I’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

A council spokesperson said: “We understand that every council property is a tenant’s home and appreciate they may want to personalise the interior and on occasion the exterior.

“Mr Daly’s request to paint the side of his shared building was approved with the condition that the colour was neutral and in keeping with the local neighbourhood.

“We advised that a purple tone would not be suitable but unfortunately he proceeded with painting.

“In order to keep within the terms of his lease, we have asked that the property is restored to its original condition.”

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