Calls have been made to make taxis more accessible for disabled people across Dumbarton and the Vale.

Lorraine Cameron, founding member and chairperson of DisabledViewUK, has penned a letter to the council asking for greater provision of wheelchair accessible taxis.

The letter reads: “On more than a few occasions, I myself personally have experienced issues with regards to obtaining a wheelchair accessible taxi.

“The vast majority of requests made have been met, but there seems to be increasing problems during the period 8am to 9.30am and also from 3pm onwards when schools are closing as a lot of the vehicles are allocated to school runs.

“We understand that the cost of these vehicles are sometimes double the amount of a non-accessible taxi.

“It is an equality and inclusion issue that people with a disability are facing.”

Disabledviewuk are asking for funding for two disability bank taxis for the local area.

These taxis would be solely used for those living with disabilities and could potentially be funded by the Scottish Government.

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The letter continues: “Not all people living with disabilities are able to drive or have a caregiver who is able to do so.”

Councillors agreed to consult West Dunbartonshire taxi drivers over proposed changes to access for wheelchair users last month.

This followed a meeting of the licensing committee where drivers expressed the difficulty enforcing an all-wheelchair accessible rule would have on them.

Ms Cameron has been a wheelchair user for more than five years.

Her condition, Fibromyalgia Joint hypermobility, caused her chronic pain meaning the chair allows her “to get on with things”.

She said: “The taxi drivers are very accommodating and friendly but they can’t work around the clock.

“The cost of these vehicles are major issue, so perhaps a subsidy could help get more on the road or the two bank taxis could improve the issue currently being faced.

“There have been times when a member of Disabledviewuk travelled out and were left stranded with no way to get home.

“The bank taxis would allow trained drivers to access them, and prevent this from happening.”

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