Residents of Dumbarton and the Vale are to be banned from parking on the pavement outside their homes.

A blanket ban on leaving vehicles on pavements will come into place after the Scottish Government passed a new Bill last week.

Living Streets Scotland has campaigned for a country-wide ban on pavement parking

Stuart Hay, director of the charity, said: “This is the first nationwide ban put in place in the UK and represents the culmination of over a decade of campaigning by Living Streets Scotland and disability charities.

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“People in wheelchairs, parents with pushchairs and older adults who are currently forced into oncoming traffic when faced with vehicles blocking their path will now be able to enjoy a new freedom.

“It also stands to offer huge savings to cash-strapped councils currently charged with fixing footways damaged by vehicles parking on them.

“Practical plans and resources, including the proposed national publicity campaign, should now be put in place to ensure the bill is enacted efficiently. England and Wales should look to take a lead from today’s monumental decision.”

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