A PETITION showing support for a veteran councillor has reached its goal with more than 1,000 signatories.

Jim Bollan, who has served residents of Leven for more than 20 years, is the subject of formal complaints that could see him barred from office for up to five years.

The Reporter understands 18 charges were levelled by Joyce White, West Dunbartonshire Council chief executive, against the Community Party councillor to the Ethical Standards Commissioner (ESC) focused on public meetings in which Councillor Bollan raised anti-corruption concerns.

ESC will report to the Standards Commission who could block Cllr Bollan - West Dunbartonshire’s longest-serving councillor - from office for up to five years.

The petition has been shared across social media with members of the public drumming up support.

It has reached 1,063 signatures, at the time of writing.

Cllr Bollan told the Reporter: “The outrage from local council taxpayers is reflected in the fact almost 1,100 people have already signed the petition to show their solidarity with [former councillor] George Black, myself and the Community Party in our efforts to expose what is being done in their name.

“The public support has been humbling and very supportive. We will not rest until all the information that WDC wanted kept secret, is placed in the public domain to allow the public to make their own mind up about this scandal.”

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People who have signed have been using the phrase “Jim Bollan speaks for me” as a signal of their support.

Iain Ellis, on the West Dunbartonshire Against Austerity Facebook page, said: “Let’s show [chief executive] Joyce White and the other councillors that we will not tolerate the way Jim Bollan is being treated and stand firm behind him.”

Cllr Bollan was instrumental in highlighting secret council reports into allegations against three council employees and millions of pounds in contracts. So much of that report was redacted from councillor eyes that they voted unanimously for a review of how much they could be shown.

A second version still had dozens of blank pages.

The council has repeatedly pointed out that Police Scotland established no criminality by any employee.

The council has repeatedly pointed out that Police Scotland established no criminality by any employee.

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Cllr Bollan told the Reporter: “As a Socialist it is an occupational hazard being reported for challenging the system which is corrupt to the core.

“As an elected councillor I would have condoned corruption (dishonest practices by officials) and been complicit had I covered the matter up.

“I have no regrets and believe it is in the public interest that I brought these corrupt practices to light.”

A spokeswoman for the council said last month: “The council does not comment on the detail of any referrals to the Ethical Standards Commissioner as this information would be confidential between the council and an elected member.”

A spokeswoman for the ESC previously told the Reporter: “I can confirm that there is an open investigation.

“The respondent is Cllr James Bollan and West Dunbartonshire Council.

“We are unable to confirm the nature of the allegation.”