Courageous youngsters braved the spooky quiz trail through the magical Hallowe’en world created at Sea Life Loch Lomond.

Visitors have been shoaling around the centre at Loch Lomond Shores for the Ascarium event which has seen the aquarium transformed.

Taking place until Sunday, November 3, families are invited to experience the bewitching magic of the deep, including a mesmerising Sea Witch show, performed live with a talk about the various underwater creatures and conservation work done at the centre.

Children will be called upon to help the “Sea Witch” in her underwater quest to unlock the treasures of the ocean, as well as protect against the dangers facing the seas.

Kathryn Angel, general manager of Sea Life Loch Lomond, said: “The whole aquarium is decorated, we had a kids’ trail, where they collect clues, trick or treat barrels, where they could stick their hands. They got a token and treat at the end of the quiz trail.

“Then they visit the witch or the wizard in their lair, where there was a show and a talk about the creatures and the conservation aspect of Sea Life with a little bit of magic.

“And a bit of treasure at the end – which is a secret.

“The kids were absolutely loving it, we’ve had some really good reviews and the visitor numbers have been strong.”

Sea Life are hosting the Shores’ Santa’s Grotto as part of their Christmas extravaganza, which starts November 17.