THREE candidates have so far thrown their hat into the ring to vie for the West Dunbartonshire seat at the December General Election.

Incumbent MP, Martin Docherty-Hughes, will stand for re-election, stating the SNP is “ready to take on the Tories”.

Mr Docherty-Hughes has represented the constituency since 2015.

Announcing his intention to stand for election he said: “The first December election for almost a century is set to be critical in the fight for Scotland’s future.

“With the Tories turning their backs on Scotland, and Labour failing to act as credible opposition, it’s been left to the SNP to stand up for Scotland’s interests.”

Labour’s candidate has been revealed as Jean Anne Mitchell.

She said: “I am so frustrated by divisive politics whether that be from the SNP, Tories, Lib Dems, Brexit Party, or Greens. I stand on a platform for real change.”

Investment in the NHS, £10 per hour minimum wage, new council housing, green job opportunities and protecting the planet are top of her agenda.

The Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party candidate has been confirmed as Alix Mathieson, who has said it is a “privilege” to be selected.

Ms Mathieson added: “Here in West Dunbartonshire almost 16,500 people voted for Brexit, there are many more who are democrats and just want to allow the country to move on.

“I want to see a good deal for West Dunbartonshire which will strengthen our local industries and create more jobs.”

As we publish, The Lib Dems, Green Party and Brexit Party are yet to announce candidates.

Residents must register to vote by 11.59pm on November 26. The House of Commons backed the 12 December ballot by 438 to 20 after three failed attempts by Boris Johnson to secure the early vote.