A HOSPITAL campaign group is now working in a “partnership of trust” with the local health board.

The latest quarterly meeting between Hospitalwatch, the local community group working to protect services at the Vale of Leven, and the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board took place on Wednesday, October 23.

Jim Moohan, chairman of Hospitalwatch, told the Reporter: “The last couple of years we’ve turned a big corner with the way we engage with the health board, and how they engage with the community. They’ve be upright and honest.

“There’s been a lot of speculation about the theatres, that they were not getting utilised, and because of the expansion at the Golden Jubilee they might be under threat.

“The board tells us the theatres will remain as they are and they will continue to improve them.

“The expansion of the Jubilee will not have any adverse effect at the theatres in Alexandria.”

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There was also an update on the progress being made by GPs who came together to work out a rota system to provide a reliable out of hours service for the area.

Mr Moohan said the system is already in operation to a degree and is expected to be finalised in the coming months.

Issues regarding provision of ambulances were also raised at the meeting.

Currently there are only two available in the area.

Mr Moohan said: “We intend to contact the leader of the ambulance service to have a discussion about how we can improve the service at Alexandria.

“To try and increase the percentage of ambulances we do have.”

The hospital received a new CAT scanner in September, and was praised by Professor John Brown, chairman of the board, for cleanliness and the hard work of staff.

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Mr Moohan said: “We are now at the position, we’ve stabilised the services, we are now trying to reclaim the ones that are lost, the utopia would be A&E.”

“We’re working under a banner of trust. It’s becoming effective and the belief factor is back in the community.

“Investment is paramount and it helps attract skills and experience.

“Consultants and experienced surgeons are delighted, they like working at the hospital, and can see the change that has taken place.”