A BRIDGE in Renton has been replaced over the weekend.

The old red sandstone crossing over the railway at Carman Road was demolished with a new structure put in its place.

A spokesman for Network Rail told the Reporter: “Over the weekend we’ve been working to renew Carman Road bridge in Renton.

“The old bridge deck needed to be replaced as the concrete it was made from was life-expired and beginning to deteriorate.

“Demolition of the old structure took place over Friday night and Saturday before the new concrete bridge sections were installed over Saturday and Sunday.

“Work to renew the road surface and complete the structure will be ongoing for the next week or so (until November 14), but will not affect train services.”

A local resident sent the Reporter photos and video of the works saying it was a "shame as [the bridge] is gorgeous red sandstone".

Because of deterioration, she said "sadly, this now their only option" for the crossing which she believes is over 100 years old.