A MAN who lost the rag with police who were trying to take him home has been slammed by a sheriff for his “shameful” behaviour.

Officers found John McLennan lying, drunk, on a grass verge near the A814 in Bowling on the evening of June 2.

Though he was initially co-operative, he lost his temper after thinking that police were not taking him back to his home in Glasgow – despite the officers’ promises that they were.

McLennan, 54, of Gorget Quadrant in the Blairdardie area of the city, appeared for sentencing at Dumbarton Sheriff Court on Friday after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing to charges of assault and threatening or abusive behaviour.

Fiscal depute Emma Thomson told the court: “Whilst en route approaching the A814/A82 junction he became aggressive and angry with police.

“The vehicle was stopped and one officer opened the back door. The accused said ‘you’re not taking me home’.

“Attempts were made to calm him down and reassure him, but due to his aggressive conduct he was told he would be placed in a cell in the rear of the van.

“He became confrontational and refused to co-operate.

“His aggressive behaviour continued, and he called the police officers ‘f***ing clowns’, and when one of the officers made attempts to take hold of him he said ‘get your f***ing hands off me, you clowns’.

“He was told he was under arrest and shouted ‘I’ll kill youse’.”

McLennan was eventually taken to Clydebank police station, where he tried to headbutt an officer while being searched by custody staff.

Defence solicitor John Duffy said: “He had a rucksack with him at the time containing his late aunt’s ashes.

“He took a detour, met a friend, and one thing led to another.

“He’s pretty appalled at his behaviour.

“Police had to take a detour due to roadworks, and it may be that that sparked his belief that the officers were not taking him home.”

Sheriff William Gallacher told McLennan: “Police were clearly showing you some sympathy by providing you with a way of getting home.

“To be abused as they were by you is simply shameful.”

McLennan was handed a community payback order with 12 months of social work supervision.

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