A DUMBARTON-born professor has been awarded £2million compensation over a revolutionary diabetes test he developed in the 1980s.

Professor Ian Shanks, 71, endured a 13-year legal battle with multinational firm, Unilever, over the rights to his digital blood meter.

The device which measures the concentration of glucose in the blood, is reported to have earned the company around £24m.

Prof Shanks developed the innovative blood test nearly 40 years ago while working for the multinational which owns a raft of household names such as Domestos, Marmite and Pot Noodle.

The prototype, first built in 1982 using parts from his daughter’s toy microscope, is now used by millions of diabetes patients across the world.

The Supreme Court ruled in Professor Shanks’ favour and awarded the former Dumbarton Academy pupil £2 million in compensation.

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