Residents of all ages paused to remember the sacrifices over the past century at Remembrance Sunday services.

The annual and poignant ceremonies were held at the Levengrove Park cenotaph, the memorial in Christie Park, Alexandria, the cenotaph and Tobias Smollett monument next to Renton Primary and the cenotaph in Old Kilpatrick. Bowling and Milton’s memorials also saw services on Sunday.

Jackie Baillie, Dumbarton MSP, said: “Remembrance Sunday offers us a time to come together and reflect on those who have served and lost lives in war.

“We owe an enormous debt to the thousands of men and women who serve in our Armed Forces across the world to ensure that we at home are safe and I welcomed the opportunity to join my constituents in paying our respects to them.”

Dumbarton councillor David McBride said: “Every year I am encouraged by how many local residents, particularly younger people who gather at the cenotaph in Levengrove to pay our respects to the fallen.

“We must never forget the sacrifice they made for all of us and this annual remembrance service shows we never will.”

Councillor Marie McNair said: “We must never forget the sacrifice made by many men and women during the wars to defeat tyranny and fascism.”

“I want to pay tribute to the organisers and volunteers who make the day possible and ensure that there is always such a poignant ceremony that does justice to this important occasion.

“I would also like to put on record my thanks to the citizens of Clydebank who always turnout in large numbers to pay their own respects.”