In ALL honesty, no, I don’t relish a general election on December 12.

Delivering leaflets and knocking on doors to discuss politics is undeniably a task better done in April or May, and certainly not when most people are more concerned about the decoration of their Christmas tree.

However, I would urge all local residents to ensure you vote in this important election.

At last month’s council meeting, I was pleased my motion calling on the SNP council administration to lobby the Scottish Government to secure funding for future building of social housing was agreed unanimously.

Readers will be aware of the significant building of social housing in Dumbarton in Castlehill, Westcliff, Dumbarton Riverside and Bellsmyre.

This is all part of the 1,000 agreed by the previous Labour administration.

However, at present the SNP government has not yet agreed to continue this funding to ensure we continue to build the homes we desperately need with so many people on our council waiting lists.

As a local councillor, I am a passionate supporter of quality, affordable, social housing.

I am therefore delighted the Labour Party in Scotland announced that a UK Labour government will fund the building of 120,000 homes in Scotland for council and social rents.

I am also concerned regarding the latest round of SNP cuts which will be decided at this weeks corporate services committee.

Not content with the service cuts they have already imposed on us in recent years, one of which is the highest charge in Scotland for vital community alarms for the elderly.

At this week’s committee, even more cuts to jobs and services are being proposed by the SNP administration.

This time the savings will hit front line customer service staff and facilities assistants.

Once again, our SNP councillors are attacking low paid staff which will see a minimum of 12 jobs being lost as staff have to take on additional duties to make savings in excess of £300k.

This is before the next budget round as we continue to be underfunded by the Scottish Government.

West Dunbartonshire and our residents have paid a heavy price with council cuts.