THE final six candidates have been revealed for the West Dunbartonshire seat at next month's General Election.

Martin Docherty-Hughes, who has represented the constituency since 2015, will be standing for re-election.

Meanwhile, the Scottish Green Party's candidate has been revealed as Peter Connolly and the Liberal Democrats candidate has been revealed as Jenni Lang.

The Post previously reported that the Labour Party candidate fighting to serve the people of West Dunbartonshire is Jean Anne Mitchell. The Conservative candidate is Alix Mathieson.

Andrew Muir is standing as an independent.

Residents must register to vote by 11.59pm on November 26 for the December 12 election.

Only one of the six candidates lives in West Dunbartonshire. Mr Muir is listed as a resident of Dumbarton. Jean Anne Mitchell has an address in Inverclyde, Alix Mathieson lives in East Dunbartonshire along with Peter Connolly, Jenni Lang is a resident of Edinburgh North and Leith, and Martin Docherty-Hughes is a resident of North Ayrshire and Arran.

Full details of polling stations can be found at West Dunbartonshire Council's website. 

Jean Anne Mitchell: "West Dunbartonshire has not benefited from an SNP MP in the last four years, nor has it benefited from a right-wing Tory Government. On the doorsteps, people tell me they want a Government that will not sell the NHS, that will not charge over 75’s for a TV Licence, that will scrap the disgusting universal credit system, provide a warm home, and pay workers a fair wage for a fair days work. A vote for me will deliver this real change. When Labour wins, Scotland wins."

Andrew Muir: "My reasons for standing are as follows: My wife received disgusting treatment in the Vale of Leven hospital in 2006. In my opinion she was unlawfully detained and the criminal offences of false statements on documents and ill-treatment occurred. The failure to prosecute has led to the needless deaths of others. Please google “Claire Muir Dumbarton” , “Duke of Hamilton sectioned” and “Oliver McGowan."

Alix Mathieson: “I am standing in the upcoming General Election because I genuinely want to move on from all of the constitutional division we have seen over recent years and get back to what truly matters to people and improve our area.

I am the only candidate who will respect the nation wide results of both referenda. While I understand that overall West Dunbartonshire voted to remain, almost 16,500 people here voted to leave as did the UK as a whole. I believe the only way to heal the division in society is to implement the results and move forward. I have pledged that if elected I will vote for the current deal that we have and ensure that we leave the EU in an orderly way as soon as possible. West Dunbartonshire has the opportunity out of the EU to lower tariffs that have been imposed on our whiskey industry due to the EU’s trade wars with the US.

I have a number of fantastic local priorities for West Dunbartonshire if elected. Firstly, I will ensure that the Centre of Excellence for Mental Health at the Vale of Leven Hospital, proposed by the Conservatives, is seen to completion.

Secondly, I will be a strong voice for our armed forces and veterans protecting the 12,000 jobs at HMNB Clyde, which both Labour and the SNP want to scrap, and promoting the apprenticeships the base provides for our young people. HMNB Clyde are expanding with a further 2,000 personnel and their families and I will work with the Council to ensure that around 600 of these are housed in West Dunbartonshire, the population in West Dunbartonshire has been in decline and this is a great opportunity to showcase how great a place it is to live and boost the local economy.

Thirdly, I want to build on the work of our local councillors to ensure that more social housing is built on brown field sites, with appropriate infrastructure to match. This will protect our green spaces while providing for those families most in need.”

Peter Connolly: "It's a privilege to be standing in West Dunbartonshire as the Scottish Greens' candidate in the General Election.

West Dunbartonshire needs the Scottish Green New Deal which will not only tackle the climate crisis, but also create thousands of sustainable jobs.

I believe that the lives of everyone can be greatly improved by building high quality council housing, having a fully integrated, affordable, publicly owned, transport system and giving local communities a greater say in planning decisions- helping protect sites like Drumkinnon Woods in Balloch and Strauss Avenue in Linnvale from inappropriate development.

I look forward to campaigning in West Dunbartonshire - where I've worked a good part of my working life- and to talking to people about how a Green MP can support them."